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Post Doc position, Beckman Inst, UIUC Illinois USA

  A fledgling or nearly-graduated PhD is wanted for a Post-Doc position.

Job description: Our lab is working on the problem of speech event
processing by the auditory system. We are comparing confusions of CV, VC
and CVC sounds that have been mangled by noise and filtering, in order
to determine the key speech events used by the auditory system. We wish
to use this information to improve the nonlinear signal processing in
hearing aids by finding ways to enhance these features in ears having
outer and inner hair cell loss of varying degrees. A second component
will be to work with students from both Electrical engineering and
Speech and Hearing, as well as design and run experiments on normal had
impaired hearing subjects, both in the Lab and with body-worn signal
processors. A third component will be to help run lab meetings and write
grants, and maybe some limited teaching.

The ideal candidate must have some mix of math, physics, information
theory, signal processing, and hopefully some basic understanding of
cochlear processing, neurophysiology, and psychophysics of loudness
(masking), and speech perception (every area is NOT required). The
applicant must have an open mind and desire to: (a) make fundamental
breakthroughs in our understanding of auditory processing, (b) find an
academic position, (c) make an impact and (d) publish. Tools needed for
the job include Matlab, Linux and open-source programs such as Latex,
experimental design, etc.

Details on our research may be found at:  http://hear.ai.uiuc.edu

Funding is provided by NIDCD and Phonak. Open-opportunity employment.
Start date: Dec 1, 2008.

If your interested please send your resume to:

Jont Allen
Beckman Inst.
University of IL
Urbana IL