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Psychoacoustic testing utility

Dear Fatima,

I have made a psychoacoustic testing tool available at:


I use the tool specifically for training and tracking performance of cochlear implant users, hence the emphasis of the download site. But all of the activities included are just as useful for normal hearing listeners, except for the one that uses piano notes as it tends to be too easy for the normals. Included activities are: forward and backward masking, tone in noise detection, gap detection, various frequency difference limens tests, vowel perception in noise, and some binaural activities.

You can also access the guts of the utility to design more elaborate tests. In fact, if you have the appropriate hardware and permissions, you can use the utility to design and implement novel psychoelectric and sound processing design experiments with cochlear implantees. Or perhaps more useful for instruction, you can visually analyze and create cochlear implant acoustic simulations from all of the listening activities.

In the current form, since I am interested in tracking data, the utility saves information (excluding names of the people taking the activities) back to Sensimetrics. Please let me know if you have any trouble installing and running the tests, or if you have any questions.


Ray Goldsworthy
Sensimetrics Corporation