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Invitation to new MIR and Auditory research social network site

Dear Colleagues

We would like to invite you to join the new SoSoMIR social network service
(SNS) at
http://sosomir.net. SoSoMIR is an SNS focused on the Music-IR
community, which also socializes Auditory research fields.
It is designed to bring MIR and Auditory researchers together and to help them
establish connections among them and their exciting work. SoSoMIR is
consistently building up both its people and research related content and soon
will be releasing its new recommender system.

SoSoMIR provides the opportunity to explore past research, find other
researchers with similar interests, post new papers and ideas, post and
discover conference and meeting announcements, and much, much more.

SoSoMIR currently serves ISMIR and CMMR as a research social community.
As with all social networking services, the more members that get involved,
 the more useful the site becomes for all.

SoSoMIR registration and participation is free.

Thank you for your interest. Looking forward to connecting with you on SoSoMIR.

The SoSoMIR Development Team