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Re: A question on Bekesy.

Hallo David !

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>Betreff: Re: A question on Békésy.
>I doubt very much that the "gelatinous mass" is the tectorial membrane
>since, as you say, von Bekesy was very familiar with the TM and results from
>TM measurements are mentioned elsewhere in the book.

I agree now; see my recent answer to Harriet Jacobster.

In an off-line message to me, Andrew Bell appears to have solved
the problem:

"[...] elswhere he [Bekesy] talks about endolymph having a very high
viscosity (in his preparations)." I am convinced, however,
that the normal viscosity of endolymph is similar to that of water,
as you wrote earlier today. 

Now, a new problem: Human BM stiffness versus distance from base.
Recently I attempted to calculate that function, using the 
Greenwood human cochlear map. My results for the stiffness differed 
from Bekesy's Fig. 11-73, but for x < 20 mm agreed well with the exponential 
function used by de Boer (1996) in his Chapter of the book "The Cochlea",
Springer, New York.