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Re: Request for information on ICA-Maximum likelihood approach

I should add that when ICA is used in fMRI (e.g. the use of fast ICA in
Brain Voyager), PCA is used first for dimensionality reduction.
Linda Seltzer
> Hi Vijay,
> I'm not sure you could start a Matlab script from scratch to do ICA
> with Maximum likelihood approach. As far as I've gathered, there's
> quite a lot of (heavy) maths involved to find equivalent ways to write
> the initial ICA assumptions - like minimizing the maximum likelihood
> contrast function. Most of the different ICA implementations start
> from maximum likelihood (or similar criteria) and differ in the
> strategies they've used to actually allow calculation. (Does it make
> sense?)...
> That said, apart from the link given by Taylan and Linda, Tony Bell
> has interesting demos and papers (I'd recommend Bell and Sejnowski,
> 1995) available on his website:
> http://cnl.salk.edu/~tony/ica.html
> You might also find JADE (see Cardoso, 1999) or Fast-ICA (see
> Hyvarinen & Oja, 2000) Matlab implementations interesting "to play
> with" :
> http://www.tsi.enst.fr/icacentral/algos.html
> http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/ahyvarin/papers/fastica.shtml
> Best regards,
> Idrick
> Quoting Vijaykumar Peddinti <vijay@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Dear All,
>> This is might be a silly question. But I am trying to do a small
>> project on separating signals using Independent Component Analysis
>> (ICA) Maximum likelihood approach for my class. So far the articles
>> I found leave me with more questions than answers. I have never done
>> anything with ICA before. I am lost in the process of finding the
>> information.
>> It would be of great help if anybody could point me in the correct
>> direction or send me an basic Introductory paper/tutorial (if
>> possible) on ICA (Maximum likelihood approach). I am not trying
>> anything fancy, I am trying to get a basic simulation working in
>> Thank you very much.
>> Best Regards,
>>   Vijay