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Cochlear Mechanics Short Course, Rome, Sept 2010

Cochlear Mechanics Short Course

University of Roma Tor Vergata 

28-30 September 2010

The course will be held at the Faculty of Science of the University of Roma Tor Vergata, Via della Ricerca Scientifica, 1, 00133 Roma (Italy)

Objectives of the Course

This course is aimed at research students and more experienced researchers who are interested in modelling the dynamic behaviour of the cochlea or in physically interpreting the results of cochlear measurements.  The objectives are to consider the assumptions behind the various elements of a model of cochlear mechanics, and to join these elements together to produce a tool that can be used to predict the response of the cochlea to various inputs.

The course is split into three days.  The first is concerned with the various measurements that can be made inside the cochlea and the properties of otoacoustic emissions. In the second we consider the classical model of the linear passive cochlea and introduce the simulation model. On the third day we will discuss the active and nonlinear behavior of the cochlear and modeling of the cochlear amplifier. Each day finishes with a practical computer laboratory session to investigate the response of open-source matlab cochlear models to different inputs.

The course assumes some familiarity with dynamics, wave propagation and signal processing using Matlab.  Notes on the assumed background knowledge will be available before the workshop and an optional series of lectures and Matlab laboratories in these areas will be run the day before the start of the main workshop.

Steve Elliott, Ben Lineton  (ISVR Southampton)
Chris Shera (EPL Boston)
Daniele Bertaccini, Teresa Botti, Arturo Moleti, Nicolo' Paternoster, Renata Sisto (URTV Rome)

We are unable to support travel and subsistence costs. A nominal charge of 100 Euro is asked to all participants to cover part of the organization costs. A list of nearby convenient hotels will be made available. The numbers of participants will be limited, so if you are interested please contact Arturo Moleti:


including brief details of your interests in this area and background.