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Re: F0 estimation software

Dear Jeremy,

The program freqazoid, available at http://code.google.com/p/freqazoid/
is a possibility. It was written by Ugur Guney in Turkey, and is coded
in java. It runs in real time, but it can also read a wav file. 

It comes up with the View set to 'Spectroscope', but the other views
'Oscilloscope' and 'Frequency Tracker' can be selected. If in
Spectroscope, make sure that 'Spectroscope with Peaks' is selected.
The F0 is based on the spectral peaks (shown as red dots) above a
yellow threshold curve, which you can easily drag up or down using
a mouse. The F0 is computed based on the positions of these red dots,
so if they drop below the threshold, the pitch estimate may be in
trouble. (But don't set it too low, or it will pick up extraneous
peaks.) When you switch to Frequency Tracker, you'll notice that
the F0 is given in vertical musical pitch units (i.e., C4, D4, etc.) 
and that you can shift the scale up and down using the mouse.

It's not perfect. There are some glitches, which hopefully can be
alleviated by judicious selection of the threshold level. Start and 
Stop don't do anything in real-time mode, but Freeze works like a 
toggle to start and stop the display. Actually, if you read in a 
sound file, Start and Stop work on that; meanwhile the real-time 
input is still active. 


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Original message:
>From: "Federman, Jeremy" <jeremy.federman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2010 23:54:40 -0500
>To: AUDITORY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [AUDITORY] F0 estimation software
>Hi all -
>We have a graduate student here who is currently investigating the role of
>motor cognition in singing.  Specifically, she is recording professional
>singers and non-singers singing familiar tunes in their preferred key
>during masked and unmasked conditions.  That is, for some trials the
>participants can hear themselves singing and for others they cannot.
>The purpose of this post is to ask for your help and advice regarding
>software we might potentially use (matlab or other) to automate the
>process of estimating the fundamental frequency (also known as pitch
>detection or F0 estimation) of periodic segments contained in the recorded
>waveforms.  If there are known advantages and disadvantages to various
>options, please feel free to include that information as well.
>Thannks in advance for any and all assistance and guidance on this topic!
>Jeremy Federman, PhD-ABD, CCC-A
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>Department of Hearing and Speech
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