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Re: F0 estimation software

Dear Jeremy,

I suggest you use SWIPE' [1] to estimate pitch and its companion
TS2means [2] to distinguish between pitched and unpitched regions.
Matlab code for both of them can be found at
http://www.cise.ufl.edu/~acamacho/publications. The advantages of the
use of SWIPE' vs.  autocorrelation, SHS (both as implemented in
Praat), YIN, TEMPO, and others in terms of gross error rates are
documented in [1].


[1] Camacho, A., Harris, J. G. (2008). “A sawtooth waveform inspired
pitch estimator for speech and music,” Journal of the Acoustical
Society of America, vol. 124, pp. 1638-1652.

[2] Camacho, A. (2008). “Detection of Pitched/Unpitched Sound Using
Pitch Strength Clustering,” Proceedings of the Ninth International
Conference on Music Information Retrieval, Philadelphia, pp. 533-537.

On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 10:54 PM, Federman, Jeremy
<jeremy.federman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all -
> We have a graduate student here who is currently investigating the role of
> motor cognition in singing.  Specifically, she is recording professional
> singers and non-singers singing familiar tunes in their preferred key
> during masked and unmasked conditions.  That is, for some trials the
> participants can hear themselves singing and for others they cannot.
> The purpose of this post is to ask for your help and advice regarding
> software we might potentially use (matlab or other) to automate the
> process of estimating the fundamental frequency (also known as pitch
> detection or F0 estimation) of periodic segments contained in the recorded
> waveforms.  If there are known advantages and disadvantages to various
> options, please feel free to include that information as well.
> Thannks in advance for any and all assistance and guidance on this topic!
> With kind regards,
> Jeremy
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