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3-day workshop: Sound in immersive digital performance environments

Dear colleagues,


Please find enclosed informations about the „Sound in immersive digital performance environments“ workshop within steirischer herbst festival in Graz (Austria).

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Gerda Strobl



Apologies for multiple posting!


Sound in immersive digital performance environments


12/10 – 14/10, IEM Graz

By CREW (B): Eric Joris and Vincent Jacobs, Gerhard Eckel (IEM, AT) and Martin Rumori (DE)



CREW is a Belgian based performance company working on the cross-road of performance art and new technologies. The CREW workshop in Graz will be organized in close collaboration with IEM and will focus on the use of sound and music as a performative tool for immersive digital environments. The workshop is limited to 4 participants with a good knowledge of technologies for recording and spatialization of (ambisonic) sound and a creative interest in multi-disciplinary environments.


Research question of the workshop:

The technology used by CREW to create its immersive environments implies a Head Mounted Display (HMD) that offers visitors omni-directional video-based images. The device enables the visitor to physically move around and walk inside visual and auditory environments (virtual and live) and it enables him to interact with this environment. The visual and auditory material can be organized and edited.

The immersive nature of this implies a high and continuous feeling of 'presence'. Sound and music strongly relate to this notion of presence. In the workshop we will explore strategies for the production of meaningful sound (or music) for this immersive environment and address aspects related to the conceptualizing, the making, the recording, the editing and the postproduction of a sound field. Participants will work on editing and montage examples that integrate auditory, visual and tactile experiences.


steirischer herbst festival:

The workshop is part of the EU-subsidised research project on “New Media, Performing Arts and Spectatorship”, and within this context the major performance project ”Immercity” will be developed and shown next year at steirischer herbst.


Please find detailed information and the application modalities directly



(Deadline for applications is 31/07/2010).



Best whishes,

Gerda Strobl

Gerda Strobl

steirischer herbst
24/09 – 17/10/2010

Sackstraße 17 / 8010 Graz / Austria
t +43 316 823 007 82 / f +43 316 823 007 77