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Re: tapping hardware & software

> Hello Daniele,
> maybe "Transcribe" (http://www.seventhstring.com/) would do the job
> (Shareware, fully-functional and free trial-license, limited to 1 month,
> runs under MS-Windows, MacOSX and Linux (alsa-settings need to be
> re-configured)). Normally used to transcribe music, you have the
> possibility to
> + load a wave/mp3-File
> + set markers (about three different ones) in realtime by use of
> mouse/keys that will show up at the upper margin of the waveform-window
> + speed up or slow down the music
> Settings including markers can be saved in Transcribes own (binary)
> format, one problem could be to export the data, I've never tried that
> so far (as for 7 up to 10 seconds, screenshots will to the job for most
> musicological purposes). Maybe you need something more professional, but
> just have a look.
> Regards,
> Wolfgang
> Wolfgang Dreier
> Mohrstr. 3/1
> 5020 Salzburg
> www.sbg.at/dreier/wolfgang
> Am 24.03.2011 09:32, schrieb daniele schon:
>> Dear all,
>> I am trying to think to a simple and cheap solution to record children
>> in a tapping task (eg along with a metronome or a piece of music).
>> I have up to now found several solutions commonly used, but none of
>> them is cheap. For instance, using a software such as Presentation to
>> send the auditory stimulus and record with the space bar (requires
>> Presentation/E-Prime license), or using Cakewalk and a tapping pad
>> (requires Cakewalk license and a tapping pad).
>> So I would be glad if you could share your advice on the "optimal"
>> solution, optimizing the real cost (in euros), the precision (in
>> milliseconds) and the other cost (the hours I'll spend analyzing data,
>> for instance recording the tapping on a microphone ...).
>> my warmest regards
>> daniele