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Re: tapping hardware & software

Hi Daniele,

maybe the following will work for you:
Use a cheap microphone as the sensor, and record the tapping with the mic close to the tapping hand/stick/.... Playback of the stimulus and recording of the tapping can be done using PD (http://puredata.info/).
The recorded tapping signal needs a bit of post-processing:
Octave (http://www.gnu.org/software/octave/) can be used to filter out unwanted low-frequency noise, and to get the onset times of each tap (with a processing similar to note onset detection, but simple local maxima search and thresholding and having a condition of a minimum tap interval can work well, depending on your recording situation). From octave, you can export the onset times (or the intervals between stimuli and onset, or ...) into a text-file or something like this, and import into your analysis software. Or you use octave for the analysis.

All the best


Am 24.03.2011 09:32, schrieb daniele schon:
Dear all,
I am trying to think to a simple and cheap solution to record children in a tapping task (eg along with a metronome or a piece of music). I have up to now found several solutions commonly used, but none of them is cheap. For instance, using a software such as Presentation to send the auditory stimulus and record with the space bar (requires Presentation/E-Prime license), or using Cakewalk and a tapping pad (requires Cakewalk license and a tapping pad). So I would be glad if you could share your advice on the "optimal" solution, optimizing the real cost (in euros), the precision (in milliseconds) and the other cost (the hours I'll spend analyzing data, for instance recording the tapping on a microphone ...).

my warmest regards

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