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[cfp] SysMus13 student's conference on systematic musicology (Genoa, CasaPaganini-InfoMus, Italy) - 12-14 Sept 2013

Dear List,

Please find below the call for papers for SysMus13, a graduate students'
conference on systematic musicology, to be held in Genoa, Italy, this
coming fall. The SysMus conferences are annually run events that bring
together young music researchers with different backgrounds to present
their research and discuss with senior scientists in a relaxed atmosphere.

Please distribute this cfp as widely as possible.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Italy!

Donald Glowinski, Phd
On behalf of the SysMus13 Intl Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology

====== link to website http://www.infomus.org/Events/SysMus13/index.php?lang=eng
====== link to cfp (in .pdf) http://www.infomus.org/Events/SysMus13/document/SysMus13_cfp.pdf

SysMus13 – Call for Papers
Sixth International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology

CasaPaganini-InfoMus Research Center (DIBRIS-University of Genoa, Italy) is pleased to host the Sixth International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology (SysMus13), this coming September 12th-14th, 2013. Organized by graduate students, the SysMus conference series allows young researchers in the field of systematic musicology at the master’s and doctoral levels to present their work in the form of papers, poster sessions and online publications. SysMus13 also provides participants with the opportunity to enjoy two keynotes given by internationally renowned specialists, Professors Peter Keller (Univ of Western Sydney) and Frank Pollick (Univ. of Glasgow) and to meet colleagues from around the world.

All research involving meaning, description, and technological mediation of music can be related to musicology. However, the complexity of musical engagement in socio-cultural contexts engenders different networks of research and knowledge, with distinct interdisciplinary configurations, methods and specializations. Systematic musicology specifically deploys this methodological diversity so as to approach each musicological question with a specific configuration of methods. In doing so, systematic musicology often bridges methodological foundations of sciences with critical analysis from the humanities. It promotes the study of aesthetics, semiotics, and cultural studies by incorporating empirical and data-oriented methods into the methodological framework. It relies on paradigms from different disciplines as diverse as the philosophy of aesthetics, theoretical sociology, semiotics, and music criticism, combined with strategies derived from empirical psychology, acoustics, physiology, neurosciences, cognitive sciences, computing, and others. Please visit the website of the SysMus conference series for more information on the scope, methods and aims of systematic musicology: https://sites.google.com/site/sysmusconference/

Graduate students are encouraged to submit an abstract (max. 500 words) for either a spoken paper or a poster presentation by April 15, 2013. Papers should be twenty minutes in length followed by a question period of ten minutes. Poster presentations will offer the possibility to discuss one’s research in greater depth. The SysMus13 conference language is English.

Abstracts will be evaluated by an international review committee consisting of doctoral and post-doctoral students representing an array of subfields of systematic musicology. The committee will announce its decisions based on double-blind peer review by June 15, 2013. Further information about the abstract submission process and SysMus13 is available online at the conference website: http://www.infomus.org/Events/SysMus13/index.php?lang=eng

Please distribute this call for papers as widely as possible. We hope to welcome you in Genoa!

Donald Glowinski, Chair
On behalf of the SysMus13 Intl Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology