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[AUDITORY] Computer Processor Question

Dear Colleagues,

I am about to have my college-supported/supplied computer replaced, and I have question re MacBook Pro versus the MacAir.  As I am often lugging my computer about, I would like, if possible, to switch to the lighter MacAir.  However, I need to be able to run SPSS/PASW and MatLab on the MacAir.  The newest MacAirs can be configured with an i7 processor, 1.7Ghz (which, while slower than my current processor, has a "turbo boost" to 3.3Ghz, which is faster . . .), and can have 8GB memory.  As it will run 64 bit OSX Mountain Lion, it should support all the programs listed above (the MatLab modules I am interested in all have Mac OS versions). . . but my IT support staff have not had any experience with MatLab or SPSS on any MacAir models.

Any advice pro/con would be appreciated.

With thanks,

P.S. I am currently wedded to the Mac as it runs music notation and sound software that I also use.

Justin London
Affiliated Researcher, Centre for Music and Science, University of Cambridge
Professor of Music (and other stuff), Carleton College
Department of Music
One North College St.
Northfield, MN 55057 USA
fax 507-222-5561