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[AUDITORY] Deadline extended: November 15, Special Issue on Musical Rhythm, JNMR

(Apologies for any cross-posting. Please forward to anyone that may be interested)

Dear all,

The submission deadline for JNMR's special issue on musical rhythm has been extended. The new deadline is November 15, 2013. Prospective authors are encouraged to state their interest and/or send any questions to Juan Pablo Bello at: jpbello@xxxxxxx.

Please see the modified call for papers below.


Journal of New Music Research
Special Issue -- Musical Rhythm: Cross-disciplinary and Multi-cultural Perspectives

Short Description:
Variously defined as “organized duration” (Kolinski, 1973), “the many different ways in which time is organized in music” (Bamberger, 2000) and the “language of time” (Lewis, 2005), the attribute of rhythm is of central concern to all music studies. Nevertheless, it is only in recent decades that the subject has received the attention it deserves, producing rhythmic theories on a par with those for pitch structure; musicological studies providing a more nuanced understanding of the historical and cultural context that informs the creation and reception of rhythm; rhythm-based computational models that are applicable to music search, computational musicology, and interactive music systems; as well as new science allowing us to understand the biological mechanisms behind music and rhythm processing, and the effects of rhythm information on human perception and cognition. Yet, most of this research is confined within the bounds of single disciplines, and limited to specific music traditions, mostly western popular music.
This special issue aims to group novel, high-quality research on musical rhythm. The emphasis is on interactions between scholars from various disciplines -- including music theory, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, musicology, music information retrieval, performance and composition -- and on an increased awareness of music outside the Western canon. By focusing on the presentation and discussion of interdisciplinary cross-cultural research on musical rhythm, this volume seeks to expand the horizons of traditional music scholarship in unprecedented ways. The issue follows the workshop of the same name that was held in Abu Dhabi, between March 18-21, 2013:

We invite contributions including, but not limited, to the following topics:
·       Rhythm well-formedness, complexity and syncopation
·       Pulse, beat and meter analysis
·       Meter-less rhythms
·       Polyrhythms
·       Groove, swing and micro-timing
·       Rhythmic performance analysis
·       Computational models of rhythm
·       Rhythm-based similarity, classification and search
·       Automatic rhythm generation
·       Rhythm perception and cognition
·       Neural processing of rhythm, rhythms of the brain
·       Connection between musical and speech/language rhythms
·       The role of timbre, melody and other musical attributes on rhythm structure
·       Culture-specific and cross-cultural rhythm studies
Important Dates:

Manuscript Submission Due: November 15, 2013
First Notification: April 1, 2014
Final Version of Manuscripts: October, 2014
Tentative Publication Date: early 2015 (print, possibly earlier online)
Guest Editors:

Juan Pablo Bello, Associate Professor of Music Technology, New York University
Carlos Guedes, Associate Music Professor, NYU Abu Dhabi
Robert Rowe, Professor of Music Composition and Technology, New York University
Godfried Toussaint, Research Professor of Computer Science, NYU Abu Dhabi

Juan Pablo Bello
Associate Professor, Music Technology
New York University