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Re: [AUDITORY] review of harmonic+noise segmentation software

this one?

Le 02 octobre 2013 12:51, Wen Xue <mr.x.wen@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit:
That was mtg (music tech group) at UPF Barcelona. They had a c++ class
called CLAM (or something sounds like it) doing it.

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From: Matt Flax
Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2013 1:17 AM
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Subject: Re: [AUDITORY] review of harmonic+noise segmentation software

Thanks for the lead on the software, and yes I meant 'decomposition'.

Does anyone remember a group from Spain who used to be active on this
list and worked on decomposition ?


On 01/10/13 20:44, Esteban Maestre wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> I'm not sure whether I understand what you refer to as 'segmentation'.
> If you mean 'decomposition', you might want to check out some recent tools
> developed around the work of Serra and Smith:
> http://mtg.upf.edu/technologies/sms
> Cheers,
> Esteban
> On 9/30/2013 1:48 PM, Matt Flax wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Back about 10 or 15 years I remember that some people on this list were
>> researching the segmentation of sound into tonal components and noise
>> components.
>> I was wondering whether anyone on the list has used any free software
>> libraries which come from this research to do this and if so whether you
>> could let the list know ?
>> I am intersted in software which can do more then monophonic segmentation
>> ... if possible.
>> thanks
>> Matt