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Re: Generating sine waves with Winsound

At 18:00 8/1/04, Marco Kobbenbring wrote:

The problem is that when I play back the wave files, there appear short
klicks with
the onset of every tone of the file. They are very inconspicuous, however,
experimental conditions they become audible.
I used fade in and out for every tone, so the transition from one tone to
the other
is smooth.
You are right to use fade-in/out.  Are your fades going to infinity or only
to, say, -40dB?  - you mention that the click is "inconspicuous". Perhaps
you are using a lot of amplification to detect the clicks?

Two more possibilities: you might have made the recordings at a low level
and what you are hearing is the start-of-playback noise as the audio replay
synchronizes - usually inaudible or masked by signal.  Another possibility
is that the recordings contain a dc-offset which can cause a 'plop' sound
as the playback starts and ends. I am not sure why this should happen on a
digitally-generated tone but I have seen/heard this before and have used a
feature in Cool Edit to remove the offset (one of the options under
'normalize' in my old '96 edition).

Good luck!
Neil Adams