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Re: Generating sine waves with Winsound

Can you send the exact specification of the sequence of sounds you want.

a)How long should each be? How accurate should this interval be?
b)How much overlap is allowed between the successive blocks of?
c)Their frquency
d)Their magnitude


On Thursday 08 January 2004 15:30, Marco Kobbenbring wrote:
> Dear members of the auditory list!
> My name is Marco Kobbenbring, and I am psychology student in Kiel, Germany.
> I have a problem with my experiment for the diploma, which is in the field
> of music
> perception. It includes the presentation of sequentially ordered short sine
> waves
> (ascending scale). I generated the sine waves with Winsound v4.23, and
> stored the
> sequences as .wav files.
> The problem is that when I play back the wave files, there appear short
> klicks with
> the onset of every tone of the file. They are very inconspicuous, however,
> under
> experimental conditions they become audible.
> I used fade in and out for every tone, so the transition from one tone to
> the other
> is smooth.
> Moreover, I created sound files on two different PCs with the same result,
> and also
> conversion of the files to CD player format didn't make a difference.
> However, the two PCs are possibly not equipped for professional sound
> experiments.
> I would be grateful for advice whether there must be something wrong with
> my
> equipment.
> Best wishes!
> Marco Kobbenbring
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