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Re: Generating sine waves with Winsound


You might want to try out my just-released DaqGen for Windows
at <www.daqarta.com>.  It can create all sorts of
signals in real-time, including tone bursts with complete
control over rise/fall times and shapes.

If you want to use the WAV files you have already created,
instead of generating the tones directly in DaqGen, then you
can have DaqGen play them as selected waveforms instead
of sine or other internal waves.  You can still apply burst
shaping, as well as other types of modulation like AM, FM,
Phase Modulation, and frequency sweeps.

DaqGen allows up to 4 simultaneous streams per channel
(right or left), mixed with any weighting you choose.  Or you
can select a stream's output to act as the modulation
source for other streams in the same channel.

Besides standard waveform types and playing WAV files, you
can use arbitrary waveforms you define in a file.  You can also
create uniform white noise, Gaussian white noise, pink noise,
and band-limited noise.  You can shift the relative position of
two or more simultaneous noise streams to produce comb-filtered
noise, and you can dynamically modulate the shift.

DaqGen comes with an extensive Help system that explains
every control in detail.  There are sample sound setup files
to "compose" simple pentatonic music, and to generate
up to 31 equal-spaced sine waves per channel via AM stream

DaqGen allows you to calibrate your sound card mixer and
will display in dB.  (The calibration is a bit tedious at the moment;
automated calibration is in the works.)  Once calibrated, you can
opt to extend control resolution to 0.01 dB or better via
automatic tweaking of waveform levels to make up the fractional
dB that the mixer steps can't hit.

The super-simple setup file will not mess with your Windows
registry, nor install adware, spyware, or anything else.

Best of all, it's absolutely FREE.

I'd be glad to answer any questions, and would welcome
feedback from this group.

Robert Masta

         D A Q A R T A
Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
 Shareware from Interstellar Research