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[AUD] CFP: Music Information Retrieval. ISMIR 2004. Barcelona

Dear List -

This year's Music Information Retrieval looks to be a great continuation
of this successful series.


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From: "Michel Fingerhut" <Michel.Fingerhut@ircam.fr>
Subject: CFP: Music Information Retrieval. ISMIR 2004. Barcelona (Spain). October 10-14, 2004
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 09:23:49 +0100
Organization: Ircam - Centre Pompidou

(Apologies for cross-postings)

ISMIR 2004. 5th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval
Audiovisual Institute, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
October 10-14, 2004. http://ismir2004.ismir.net/

The annual ISMIR Conference is the first established international forum
for those involved in work on accessing digital musical materials. It
reflects the tremendous growth of music-related data available either
locally or remotely through networks and the consequent need to search
this content and retrieve music and musical information efficiently and

ISMIR 2004 aims at providing a place for the exchange of news, issues
and results, by bringing together researchers and developers, educators
and librarians, students and professional users, working in fields that
contribute significantly to this multidisciplinary domain, to present
original theoretical or practical work in peer-reviewed contributions
(papers, posters). It will also serve as a discussion forum (panels),
provide introductory and in-depth information in specific domains
(tutorials), and show current products (exhibits).

Call For Submissions

ISMIR 2004 (http://ismir2004.ismir.net/) solicits original contributions
in the following domains and topics, as they apply to music information
retrieval (this is a non-exclusive list):

. Computational methods for classification, clustering, and modelling
. Formal methods and databases
. Web software for music information retrieval
. Human-computer interaction and interfaces
. Music perception, cognition, affect, and emotions
. Music analysis and knowledge representation
. Music archives
. Intellectual property rights and music
. Sociology and Economy of music
. Philosophy and ethics

Submissions can be done in the categories of long paper, short paper,
poster/demo, tutorials, panels and exhibits. All submissions to ISMIR
2004 will be handled in electronic format.

Deadline for submissions of tutorials and panels: April 26th 2004.
Deadline for submissions of long papers, short papers and posters/demos:
May 4th 2004.
Deadline for exhibitor space: September 15th 2004.

Detail information on the format of the submissions can be found in

For information on previous conferences and activities of ISMIR:

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