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Qualitative research on musical hallucinations?

or should I say concerning...
  musical pseudohallucinations
or involuntarily evoked musical representations
or "can't get that tune out of my head" -phenomenon
(or musical Charles Bonnett syndrome )

is that sort of research being done?

As I'm new to this list, a brief introduction, I'm a cognitive science
student, currently preparing a thesis about activated musical
representations and studies about them in cognitive neuroscience and
contemporary psychiatry.

I'd like to know, if someone has conducted a large scale qualitative study
concerning the commonality of the phenomenon which I don't know the proper
name. I'm talking about the experiences of hearing music inside your head
and knowing that is in there. In contrast with
musical Charles Bonnett syndrome (or what has been proposed to be that),
people experiencing this phenomena usually have nor have hearing deficits
neither experience any other psychologically alarming phenomena.

Looking back at the maillist archives I found


stating "I have had tunes hung
in my head before, which I suppose is very common."

But just how common is this? I must point out that after reviewing clinical
articles about musical hallucinations (or hallucinosis) the distinction
clininal condition and otherwise healthy subjects is not too obvious.
in some cases the elderly have been put on a medication with symptoms not
markedly differing from the state of "healthy" subjects hearing "tunes in
their heads"
I'm exaggerating, but in lack of real studies with healthy people it is
to say.

The whole thread of messages back in 2002 was interesting,
especially clarifying was


Any hints would be greatly appreciated!
You can reach me via email also in
my universities mail address which consists of eight first letters
of my surname and the prefix @helsinki.fi

Mr. Lassi A. Liikkanen
student of Cognitive Science

dpt. of Psychology
University of Helsinki

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