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Request info.: ACC

Respected Sir/ Madam,                                              Date: 03.03.04
   I am a P.G.(Audiology) student, studying at ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF SPEECH & HEARING [AIISH], Mysore, Karnataka, India. It is a pioneer institute continually updating the indian scenario in terms of communication disorders (identification, intervention & total rehabilitation). Since, i joined this stream of audiology, i have been very much interested in : Diagnostic audiology, specifically "Research in the clinical application of MMN" (which has received very little research research insight , mainly due to restricted instrumentation and inadequate review text).Continuing with the same, i would like to pursue my research interest in the same. 
   I have offlate, undertaken a research paper, to present in some forthcoming conferences, on : "MMN vs Acoustic change complex: similarities and contrasts".
   In this respect, i took the privelege of requesting your kind self to help me out by sharing some relevant review of literature, Mainly with repect to : "Acoustic change complex (ACC) , speech discrimination capacity & MMN. Hence, i request the scientific community tohelp me out with some relevant  review text.
    Hope my humble request will be considered.
 Thanking you.
yours' truly,
e-mail: akartik1@yahoo.com 
P.G. [Audiology] Student,
All india institute of speech and hearing,

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