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Re: Qualitative research on musical hallucinations?

I thank everyone who gave some tips and insights to the subject. For a
moment it really seemed that the phenomenon has not been investigated at

But then, accidentially I found it. Prof. James J. Kellaris had made two
publications, in 2001 and 2003 concerning this subject.

References can be found in his homepage,


And his interview and some sort of summary of his findings thru BBC news,


"Across surveys I found that from 97% to 99% of the population is
"some people are more susceptible than others. Women tend to be more
susceptible than men, and musicians are more susceptible to them than

Exactly what I was looking for!

His study seem to be in some sort of margin of psychological research and
that is too bad, as the publication medium ( Proceedings of the Society for
Consumer Psychology) is not very recognized journal (at least from my
horizon) and this leads to depressing fact that this publication is out of
my reach as I've not managed to get in touch with author via email.

But if anyone else is interested, this may help you to find out more. There
few other interview based summaries in the online new services, but BBC was
the most comprehensive.

Mr. Lassi A. Liikkanen
dpt of Psychology
University of Helsinki

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