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New Journal on Neural Information Processing

I would like to inform you the new on-line journal, 
NIP-LR (Neural Information Processing - Letters and Reviews)  
with timely-publication free-online subscription and double-blind reviews, 
has been online from October 2003 at http://www.nip-lr.info and http://bsrc.kaist.ac.kr/nip-lr/. 
(It definitely includels auditory models.)

With the help of many people we are able to maintain high-quality and rapid publication 
with un-biased reviews. The rejection rate so far is about 40%. 

The first volume, Vol.1, No.1-3 (Oct., Nov., Dec., 2003) has one Review Article by Lei Xu 
and 8 Letters. The second volume, Vol.2, No.1-3 (Jan., Feb., March 2004), has 9 Letters. 

Although the original plan comes with one printed publication each year, 
to cope the current supports of many people and also to have prompt printed books, 
we will publish 2 printed books each year.  
Therefore, the printed version of the first 2 volumes 
will come out by the end of April or early May. (Sorry for the delay!) 
The subscription rate is US$30 per year (individual) and US$50 per year (library). 

To celebrate the first volumes we also decided to make them FREE until the end of May 2004. 
If you want to have the printed volumes free, 
please provide us 
(1) Your Name 
(2) Mailing Address 
(3) E-mail address 
by May 31, 2004. 

The Tables of Contents are attached at the end of this e-mail. 

best regards, 

Soo-Young Lee 
Editor-in-Chief, Neural Information Processing - Letters & Reviews 
E-mail: nip-lr@neuron.kaist.ac.kr 
HomePage: http://www.nip-lr.info and http://bsrc.kaist.ac.kr/nip-lr/ 


Neural Information Processing - Letters and Reviews 
(The high-quality rapid publication with double-blind reviews) 

Vol.1, No.1, October 2003 


pp. i-ii   
Toward a New Journal with Timeliness, Accessibility, Quality, and Double-Blind Reviews  
Soo-Young Lee 


pp. 1-52   
Independent Component Analysis and Extensions with Noise and Time: 
A Bayesian Ying-Yang Learning Perspective 
Lei Xu 


pp. 53-59   
Extraction and Optimization of Fuzzy Protein Sequences Classification 
Rules Using GRBF Neural Networks 
Dianhui Wang, Nung Kion Lee, and Tharam S. Dillon 

pp. 61-66   
Phonological Approach to the Mapping of Semantic Space: 
Replication as a Basis for Language Storage in the Cortex 
Victor Vvedensky 

pp. 67-73   
Artificial Neural Networks as Analytic Tools in an ERP Study of Face 
Reiko Graham and Michael R.W. Dawson 

Vol.1, No.2, November 2003 


pp. 75-79    
Neuro-Symbolic Hybrid System for Treatment of Gradual Rule 
Gerardo Reyes Salgado 

pp. 81-87    
A Neural Net Approach to Improving Interval Arithmetic 
Jonathan Dinerstein and Parris Egbert 

pp. 89-95    
Independent Component Analysis of Natural and Urban Image Ensembles 
Ch. Ziegaus and E.W. Lang  

Vol.1, No.3, December 2003 


pp. 97-101    
Why is our capacity of working memory so large? 
Thomas P. Trappenberg 

pp. 103-110    
A Matrix Pencil Approach to the Blind Source Separation of Artifacts in 2D NMR Spectra 
K. Stadlthanner, F. J. Theis, E. W. Lang, A. M. Tome, W. Gronwald, H. -R. Kalbitzer 

Vol.2, No.1, January 2004 


pp. 1-9    
Two-Phase Reverse Neural Network Approach for Modeling a Complicate Manufacturing Process with Small Sample  
Gi-Nam Wang 

pp. 11-17    
An EM Algorithm for Independent Component Analysis in the Presence of Gaussian Noise 
Mingjun Zhong, Huanwen Tang, Huili Wang and Yiyuan Tang 

pp. 19-25    
Biologically Motivated Visual Attention System Using Bottom-up Saliency Map and Top-down Inhibition 
Sang-Bok Choi, Sang-Woo Ban and Minho Lee 

Vol.2, No.2, February 2004 


pp. 27-32   
ICA Gives Higher-Order Functional Connectivity of Brain 
Kanyan Yang and Jagath C. Rajapakse 

pp. 33-38   
Perturbation Analysis of a Generalization Error Estimator 
Masashi Sugiyama, Yuta Okabe, and Hidemitsu Ogawa 

pp. 39-46    
Theoretical Exploration on Local Stability of Simultaneous Recurrent 
Neural Network Dynamics for Static Combinatorial Optimization 
Gursel Serpen and Yifeng Xu 

Vol.2, No.3, March 2004    

Support Vector Machines with Binary Tree Architecture for Multi-Class Classification 
Sungmoon Cheong, Sang Hoon Oh and Soo-Young Lee 

pp. 53-56    
Reducibility of the Complex-valued Neural Network  
Tohru Nitta 

pp. 57-65    
Reducing the Number of Training Samples for Fast Support Vector Machine Classification 
Ravindra Koggalage and Saman Halgamuge