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searching article, paper or book summarizing recent findings on the active cochlea / OHC

Dear researchers,

I'm doing research on (very) small vocabulary speaker independent untrained
speech recognition [1] and left the well travelled path of FFT for simulated

Faced with the 'Cochlear Paradox' [2] of conflicting goals for Q (frequency
specificity) and Tau (relaxation time), I'm looking for biological

In trying to get into phase with the field, I find a lot of work from
differing timeperiods, some frankly contradicting. It appears the CA
controversy has died out and that the cochlea is now widely regarded as
being 'active', but other issues appear to be less balanced.

So what I'm looking for is a recommended reference to an article
summarizing recent findings regarding the 'active cochlea'. I'm less
interested in the full biological gory details than in the mechanical

I also read http://www.bcm.tmc.edu/oto/research/cochlea/Volta/16.html and
I'm wondering if this reflects the state of the art.

Somewhat older papers also mention gammatone filterbanks, are these still

Thank you for your time. I don't have a lot to offer in return, but some of
you may be able to benefit from http://ds9a.nl/gcc-simd/ 'SIMD and other
techniques for fast numerical programming with gcc'.

Bert Hubert

[1] think digits, plus, minus, times, equals etc etc, 20 words perhaps
[2] http://www.vimm.it/cochlea/cochleapages/theory/sndproc/paradox.htm

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