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Re: uncertainty principle + searching article

Dear Ramin Pichevar, dear Bert Huber,

Thank you Ramin for sending to me the article by P. Loughlin and L. Cohen
entitled 'The Uncertainty Principle: Global, Local, or Both', thank you
Bert for the link to the 'Cochlear Paradox', respectively. Admittedly, the
latter was more inspiring to me. Nonetheless, I wrote a harsh comment:


Please accept my apologies for wrongly claiming that the natural
spectrogram does not obey the uncertainty principle. Things seem to be a
little bit tricky. Be sure that my preference for FCT within IR+ is
correct. Cochlea does not at all throw away phase. It would not benefit
from Heaviside's trick.I see it just preparing joint autocorrelation.

Regards, Eckard

>Somewhat older papers also mention gammatone filterbanks, are these still

Ask Roy Patterson. Because the natural spectrogram shows frequency chirping
up, I am also interested.