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Fwd: the /la/-/ra/ contrast perception

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Dear Reddy,

You may have noticed this paper:
Bradlow, A.R., Pisoni, D.B., Yamada, R.A. and Tohkura, Y. Training Japanese listeners to identify
English /r/ and /l/ IV: Some effects of perceptual learning on speech production. Journal of the
Acoustical Society of America, 1997, 101, 2299-2310.

Although, English /l/ is quite different, in both, acoustics and articulatory dimension, than /l/
in other languages, Spanish, Italian, for instance, where /l/ and /r/ are more similar.

Best wishes,

On Sat, 25 Dec 2004 10:55:00 +0530
 REDDY SIVAPRASAD <rsivaprasad@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
Dear list members,

                          Wish you all a merry Christmas and prsoperous new

      I am interested in knowing the possible ways in which perception of
the /la/-ra/ contrast is different from that of the other consonantal
contrasts- the spectral and temporal; importantly I would like to know if
there is any reaction time studies comparing the perception difficulties of
this contrast with other consonantal contrasts. Thanking you,

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