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Re: The calculation of Speech Intelligibility Index

As Dr. Edwards said you would be able to find programs
for the SII calculations at WWW.SII.TO.  The standard
itself, which is a combination of the original AI
standard, the STI standard, and the unprecedented
amount of scholarly work on its validation and
improvement, gives references to important work on
these topics that you should be aware of.  The
standard committe is also anxious to hear from anybody
having constructive comments with regard to improving
the standard.  Our goal is to make sure the SII
procedure adapts to the current state of the art.

Chas Pavlovic
Chair ANSI S3.5

--- gao qingwa <wolfeatgoat@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

> Hi
>   Is there anybody who knows how to calculate the
> Speech Intelligibility
> Index and the intelligibility weighted
> signal-to-noise ratio improvement?
> Both of them were released by ASA in ANSI S3.5-1997.
> If you know, tell me
> by email. thanks
>  MSN Explorer:
> http://explorer.msn.com/lccn/

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