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F0 difference limens for unresolved harmonics

Dear David,

In our 2001 paper we found DLs of 1.2 % for unresolved harmonics. I
guess the major difference is the "wideband" nature of our stimuli: They
were not band-pass filtered but high-pass filtered so that a by far
larger part of the cochlea would see the stimulus.


Kaernbach, C., Bering, C. (2001). Exploring the temporal mechanism
involved in the pitch of unresolved harmonics, Journal of the Acoustical
Society of America 110, 1039-1048.

Christian Kaernbach
Computational Psychology
Psychology Department
Karl Franzens University Graz
Schubertstr. 51 a
A-8010 Graz
www.kaernbach.de fechner.uni-graz.at

> The 1994 JASA 95(6):3529 article of Shackleton and Carlyon indicates that
> the difference limen (DL) for the residue pitch (F0) of complex tones
> comprised only of unresolved harmonics is about 3%.  This works out to be
> about a half of a semitone.  Other similar data has been surprisingly
> tricky to track down.  Is there a consensus on this ballpark F0 DL for an
> unresolved harmonic complex?