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advice Re: auditory illusions

Dear list,

I have received this inquiry and thought you all might be able to make
suggestions. Please respond directly to Sukhi Shergill
<S.Shergill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> and optionally to the whole list. Thank you for
any help --

Stuart Rosen

From: S.Shergill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:S.Shergill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Subject: advice Re: auditory illusions

i'm a psychiatrist interested in psychotic symptoms in schizophrenia -
particularly auditory hallucinations. I was considering whether the
examination of perception of auditory illusions may provide an inroad or a
proxy mechanism in healthy subjects (which may help with understanding
deficits in schizophrenia). In the recent past I've been looking at
hallucinations, and some language based tasks, with functional neuroimaging
and wanted to extend this work.

>From my rather niaive reading of the literature - there weren't any
spectacular publicly convincing illusions that pepper the visual literature.
so one is left with verbal transformation effects, substitution of parts of
a word with white noise, possible sound localisation illusions with dichotic
listening, and listening for "white christmas type effects" in white noise.
It was difficult for me to easily transfer these into a proxy for
hallucinatory effect.

Please be kind enough to suggest some further reading, or to point out any
potentially fruitful areas that i may not have seen.

very best wishes

Dr. Sukhi S Shergill