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Positions in Auditory Neuroscience

Dear List,

I have two positions available (postdoc and RA) in my lab.  Please pass on to those who might be


Patrick Wong
Assistant Professor
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Northwestern University  (847) 491-2416 (phone)
2240 Campus Drive        (847) 467-2776 (fax)
Evanston, IL 60208         FSB 3-365 (office)

Email: pwong@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Webpage: http://www.communication.northwestern.edu/csd/faculty/Patrick_C_Wong/

A postdoctoral research associate position is available (pending final budgetary approval) in the
Laboratory of Patrick Wong, Ph.D. at the Northwestern University Institute for Neuroscience and the
Dept of Communication Sciences and Disorders.  Research projects involve behavioral and MRI
experiments on speech learning and second language acquisition, speech perception in noise, music
perception, and auditory processing disorders.  An ideal candidate should have a combination of
experience in the following areas, in addition to a clinical or research doctorate: 1) anatomical
and functional neuroimaging, 2) complex auditory (especially speech) perception and learning
research, 3) advanced quantitative (statistics) coursework, 4) clinical audiology, and 5) high
proficiency in a second language (especially in a tone language).

In addition, a part-time or full-time research assistant position is available (pending final
budgetary approval).  An ideal candidate should have a bachelor?s degree in the sciences, excellent
computer and quantitative skills, high work ethics, experience with human psychological and
neuroimaging experiments (not mandatory), and superb interpersonal skills for working with research

Salary is highly competitive.  The Chicago area offers world-class metropolitan, suburban, and
rural living possibilities within a 30-mile radius for individuals of diverse backgrounds and
interests.  Candidates should write and send CV to Patrick Wong (pwong@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).