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Professorship in Experimental Psychology or Neuroscience, U. René Descartes (Paris 5)

Title: Professorship in Experimental Psychology or Neuroscience,
Professorship in Experimental Psychology or Neuroscience, René Descartes Univ. (Paris 5)

An experimental psychology and/or cognitive neurosciences tenure position at the full professor level will open in September 2006 at the Paris 5 (René Descartes) University in Paris. The successful candidate must conduct his/her research in auditory psychophysics and/or auditory neuroscience. The successful candidate will be in charge of maintaining strong links with the Department of Cognitive Science of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) and organizing and developing the (European) teaching graduate program in Cognitive Science jointly managed by Paris 5 and ENS. More details can be found in the job profile (in French) at the end of this announcement.
The successful candidate should hold a Ph.D. in Psychology or Neuroscience, as well as an HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) or its equivalent by December 15th, 2005. An outstanding research profile or prestigious awards may compensate for the HDR. Other prerequisites include: a research programme recognized at the international level, experience in teaching Psychology or Neuroscience courses; evidence of organization skills; a good understanding of French. French citizenship is not a pre-requisite.
Candidates are required to register on the French University qualification list before October 19th, 2005 on the following website:
Click on ?démarrer [Antares]? to start the procedure.
Registering on this site does not commit you in any way but is a necessary precondition for a subsequent application (see below for some tips on how to fill in the registration form). Once registered, you may address further inquiries on the position to:
Christian Lorenzi
(33-1) 5520 5734
The selected candidate will join a new Psychology of Perception unit (to be directed by Kevin O?Regan) including a Vision group (J.-D. Bagot, A. Gorea, P. Mamassian, K. O?Regan, F. de Vignemont, M. Wexler), an Audition group (A.de Cheveigné, C. Lorenzi, D. Pressnitzer) and a Development of Perception and Action group (M. Barbu-Roth, J. Bertoncini, J. Fagard, T. Nazzi, S. de Schonen, W. Serniclaes, L. Sprenger-Charolles, A. Streri, S. Tordjman).
Registration tips:
Full information (in French) on how to fill in the qualification form is to be found at :
Among those please note:
Answers to FAQs can be found at:
Description of the position in French:
Professeur en Psychologie et Neurosciences Cognitives (16ème et 69ème section)
Le/la candidate devra démontrer une expérience à haut niveau reconnue internationalement, dans les domaines de la Psychologie et des Neurosciences cognitives, avec référence particulière à la neuro-imagerie, à la psychophysique, à la psychologie expérimentale des fonctions cognitives perceptives, et/ou du langage, et gardant une ouverture aux méthodes permettant de développer l?interface entre les recherches fondamentales et la recherche clinique dans le domaine des sciences cognitives.
Le/la candidate aura pour tâche de renforcer le lien entre le Département de Sciences Cognitives de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure et l'Institut de Psychologie de l'Université Paris 5 en participant activement à l'organisation et au développement des enseignements aux Masters de recherche proposés par ces deux institutions. Il ou elle, aurait comme mission de développer des outils pédagogiques multimédia pour la mise en place d?un enseignement multimédia des sciences cognitives en Europe.