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Re: NonIntrusive Audio Quality Assessment

Dear Dermot and list,

As I understand 'non-intrusive' it means without the reference signal, which
means assessing transmission quality solely on the output of the system,
just as you would when listening to radio or telephone. Most measures such
as PEAQ and PSQM are intrusive, because you have to 'break' the circuit and
insert your known reference signal.

A few measures have been developed without reference, one being my Ph.D.
thesis (surprise:-), which was an investigation on the feasibility of an
objective measure for estimation of reproduced sound quality in hearing
aids. Both normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners were modeled.
I have just published a summary paper on my thesis in the recent issue of
Acta Acustica:
L. Bramsløw (2004): An Objective Estimate of the Perceived Quality of
Reproduced Sound in Normal and Impaired Hearing, Acta Acustica 90(6), 1007 -
This issue has a thematic section based on the 2003 ISCA workshop on
'Auditory Quality of Systems' and contains several interesting papers that
are good starting points for an overview of sound quality measures.  Some of
these references were mentioned in another reply to your posting.  See:

My thesis (3 out of 4 reports) is available here:
Objective Scaling of Sound Quality for Normal-Hearing and Hearing-Impaired
Listeners :
A neural network model for prediction of sound quality:
An auditory model with hearing loss:
I hope this can be of help.
Lars Bramsløw

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I am a new memebr to the group.

I am currently starting some research into the area of audio quality. I know
that many papers have been done on speech quality but I have found nothing
on 'audio' (speech and music) quality through Non Intrusive means.

Can anyone tell me of any work done or been done in Objective NonIntrusive
Audio Quality assessment.??

Regards and Thanks,

Dermot Campbell, Student.