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pitch tracking program needed

I've recently been contacted by an audiologist working with
hearing-impaired and language-disordered children who needs a 
visible speech program that can display real-time pitch 
contours during speech utterances.

Assumed input:

The input will be a teenage girl's voice to a microphone.
The goal is for her to be able to "see" the pitch of her voice.
She has difficulty hearing "upglide" (question intonation) vs.
"downglide" (as if you are saying "oh", meaning "I get it").
She cannot produce the glide sequences we would typically say in
the phrase "I don't know".


The ideal display would be frequency in Hz vs time in seconds.
Display should take place in real time during the input.


Macintosh G4 running OS X v 10.3.


Preferably $100 or less, but any options which do the job well    
would be considered.

Please send me or post on this list any suggestions you have
for software that could work and I will relay them to the

Jim Beauchamp
Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign