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Transcriptions of Simple Melodies

Dear List,

I am in need of text transcriptions that render the sequence of notes for Nursery Rhymes, or other simple melodies that would be highly familiar to American children. The transcriptions should indicate the sequence of notes for a piece (not just frequency counts) including any information about the octave in which the note would be played. I don't need any information about the rhythm of the piece, but if it is already included, that would be fine.

If these types of transcriptions don't exist, my plan is to take the ABC ASCII notations of these types of melodies (I did find a database for this) and convert them into what I am looking for, but I thought I would check to see if there is a widely known database that already has this type of information, or if someone had already done something similar and is willing to share them with me.

Please feel free to respond off-list unless you know of a database that might be of use to everyone.

Thank You,
Brandon Abbs

Brandon Abbs
Graduate Student
University of Iowa
Department of Psychology
Iowa City, IA 52242

Office: E310 SSH
Lab Phone: (319) 335-2472