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Re: pitch tracking program needed

I believe Kay-Pentax (Lincoln Park, NJ) also have some acoustic computerized
speech stations that perform acoustic speech analyses in real time. Please
go to their website to inquire: http://www.kayelemetrics.com/index.htm

Mary Andrianopoulos

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Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 12:21 PM
Subject: pitch tracking program needed

> I've recently been contacted by an audiologist working with
> hearing-impaired and language-disordered children who needs a
> visible speech program that can display real-time pitch
> contours during speech utterances.
> Assumed input:
> The input will be a teenage girl's voice to a microphone.
> The goal is for her to be able to "see" the pitch of her voice.
> She has difficulty hearing "upglide" (question intonation) vs.
> "downglide" (as if you are saying "oh", meaning "I get it").
> She cannot produce the glide sequences we would typically say in
> the phrase "I don't know".
> Display:
> The ideal display would be frequency in Hz vs time in seconds.
> Display should take place in real time during the input.
> Platform:
> Macintosh G4 running OS X v 10.3.
> Cost:
> Preferably $100 or less, but any options which do the job well
> would be considered.
> Please send me or post on this list any suggestions you have
> for software that could work and I will relay them to the
> audiologist.
> Jim Beauchamp
> Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign